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My fascination with how clothes can transform us has been a fixation since I really felt it aged 6. Do YOU remember? This blog is for men who own it and want to show us.x

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

more highlights from the most STUN ST TROPEZ!

everywhere one looks there is more gorgeousness!

more fur coats here then eva seen before.....no PETA in sight

cuteness everywhere

Mr and Mrs James Caan

elegant ladies eating alone is the norm

saw this madame lots-always sozzled and happpy

everyone smoked lots!

lucky us

bon jour Nicola

our little street minutes from lots of specialness

very lovely old town of GRIMAUD

ancient little chapel

not usually my thing but so beautiful yes.x

we laughed so much - getting abit wrinkly from it me!

Jason just might be funnier then me but not sure yet!

one day Jase!


SADLY closed for the winter((((((

bye for now st Tropez.....we are coming back!

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