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My fascination with how clothes can transform us has been a fixation since I really felt it aged 6. Do YOU remember? This blog is for men who own it and want to show us.x

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

LONDON LUXE..........

as always LIBERTY is my first LONDON store to visit..........

yes please, I'll have it all........

great outfit.......
beautiful RANA @ CELINE! 


lovely LAURA @ LIBERTY cafe.....ths for yr fab service.x
FRANCESCO @ NARS- LIBERTY did my make up expertly and confidently such a winning combination!x

Mr very nice! man WILLIAM- menswear @ LIBERTYS

MR FRANK- kind doorman @ SELFRIDGES we talked about the weather!

JAY @ SELFRIDGES (biggest selection of trainers in London) helped me decide that
NEW BALANCE are DEFINI my fav trainers-2nd pair bought.

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