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My fascination with how clothes can transform us has been a fixation since I really felt it aged 6. Do YOU remember? This blog is for men who own it and want to show us.x

Sunday, November 18, 2012

FOUND TEXT and WONDERFUL images........

wish this was more common in the cities - green roofs and hanging wall vege gardens is surely the right way forward.

such a sop at the moment-love is important but this much??

now thats a challenge, one I have acheived.x

always best to have your own gold card and life!

hmm I think u knew that.....

fear and nerves are interesting, I now know they are an indication of important change

and sometimes what fades comes back


the sublime.....

wot's a wonderwall?

I've been in a NYC sudden torrential summer downpour-then walked into a Balenciaga store in Chelsea,
they tots ignored me....


well it's our only way of relating to each other isn't it-

when I look back on the past 10 yrs the main goals are still the same and going fwd they'll be similar but betta

you know that

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